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Anns Haven hotels and suites

Welcome to our world of world class hospitality with a Midas touch. At Anns Haven hotels and suites, every Guest is treated like a King or Queen. As a Hotel with professional management, Anns Haven Hotels and Suites is set up to meet the business and leisure needs of our clients including safety and security which is given top priority in everything we do. You experience the feeling and treatment right from the gate and throughout your stay at our estimable and comfortable suites. You get home-away-from-home appease and with our wide range of tastefully prepared exotic dishes (African and continental), you'll definitely call back!

Who we are

Anns Haven Hotels is an ultra modern grand hotel with a gracious and tranquil atmosphere. The hotel's state of the art style architecture, together with its opulent decor, promises an air of luxury with a list of other appealing qualities, including its close proximity to the international airport. A peaceful and relaxing hotel, in an attractive and serene environment with on site leisure amenities and activities to keep you relaxed.

Brief history

Anns Haven Hotels and Suites was formally incorporated in the year 2014 by a group of people who have travelled far and wide all over the world. The craving to provide quality services with international standard was ignited by their various experiences all over which paved way to the present Anns Haven Hotels and Suites.

Delivering a comfort Promise

Today, Anns Haven Hotels and Suites excels in service delivery not mostly practiced in business and in the hospitality industry today. The company is a wholly owned by Nigerians.

Our Mission

To deliver comfort at affordable price.

Our vision

To provide a tranquil atmosphere that will DELIVER THE COMFORT WE PROMISED.

Our environment

Anns Haven Hotels and Suites is about clients, employees and directors. We agree that mutual inclination for success in the hospitality industry requires a commitment to total quality management and customer satisfaction. Our prime objectives are satisfaction of clients' needs, and the growth of our employees.
We provide leadership, technology and procedures to efficiently and creatively offer top quality services in relation to recreational and he needs and issues. As a result of this philosophy, we emphasize:

  • Development of a clear cut understanding of your needs and desires.
  • Open and forthright communication to establish a close, personal and long term working relationship with our clients that will extend over many future dealings.
  • Utilization of highly interactive working methods that uncover clients & guests specific issues, stimulates discussions, and encourages well thought-out solutions to questionnaires and suggestions from our esteemed guest.
  • Use of computer, analysis software and hardware in our procedures of carrying out fast and qualitative operational services and activities.
  • High degree of creativity that stimulates new and unique answers to your specific needs and requirements